Sit, Stay, Stab

Sit, Stay, Stab is a game about the difficulties of being a dog and interacting with the human world. Loosely based on the meme "dogs with knives," this game tries to explore the idea of getting back home only to find your dog has destroyed your house. Of course, we follow the perspective of the dog itself, who can't do much more than push stuff around and destroy them with its knife.

The simplest part of development was probably figuring out what we wanted players to do within the game and early iterations on those ideas. We knew we wanted to design a space where players could choose to either explore it or destroy it and got those two aspects integrated quickly. Perhaps the hardest part was making player movement feel good and intuitive. We had to explore through quite a few types of movement controls before we settled on its current form.


Made by Turner Romey, Ben Bello, Easton Self @eastonedself and Julian Cordero @solimporta .

NYU Intermediate Game Development w/ Robert Yang

Music: Dog Got a Bone by Beta Band

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Authorssolimporta, eastoned
Made withUnity
Tags3D, artgame, Casual, Dogs, Meme