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WASD + Mouse

Midterm, Intermediate Game Development NYU with Robert Yang.

Levedad is a game about time, inspired by the many long exposure photographs I used to take a few years ago. Taking these pictures was always special to me because it felt like stretching moments that would be impossible to stretch otherwise. They give you a different perspective on the objects and lights around you, which is something I wanted to convey.

The main problem I had during development was the way I was saving the pictures. I was simply taking a screenshot, saving it to the asset folder and accessing it through the unity editor. This method, of course, only worked inside the unity editor! So, less than a week before the assignment was due, I had to change how one of the biggest features in my game worked. After venturing into the world of render textures (which I ended up not even using), I was able to find a different way of taking screenshots that could be accessed from within the game. Then, after finally fixing that huge problem, I tested a webgl build out, only to find that my game still didn't work, and will never work due to a Unity bug. Thankfully, my game worked perfectly on standalone builds, so please download it at the bottom of the page to play it.

If I had more time with this project I would want to implement some way of saving the pictures you take and easily upload them to social media. Also, I would want to play around with the visual style of the game but I think I would have to code my own shaders for that, which I have no clue how to do. Finally, I would add more areas for players to take pictures in, giving each one their own visual style (although I did manage to pack some secret visual styles in there!).

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Published44 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

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If you're on mac and you're having issues with the game, it probably has something to do with the permissions on your computer when saving the pictures. Please download the NOSAVES build. The game should work perfectly now but the pictures won't be saved to your computer.




levedad_mac.zip (19 MB)
levedad_windows.zip (16 MB)
levedad_mac_NOSAVES.zip (31 MB)

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