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thanks :)

I love being able to look at the vignette back in the bedroom. At some point, I think I got stuck in camera mode, as shift wouldn't work anymore to show the pictures I'd taken, and space didn't change modes.

oh yeah that sounds like a bug. I hadn't really seen that before but if you send me screenshot or more info about it I'd really appreciate it so I can fix it!

I wish I had more details. All I can remember is that the first couple of pictures I took, it was fine and I could look at them on the camera. Then at some point after exploring the roof a bit, I noticed the buttons were no longer switching modes, and that I was still in picture-taking mode. 

I'll look into it, sorry about the problems! Hope you were still able to take some nice pics though!


I did, thanks :) It was my second time playing... I don't think I had any problems the first time.